Custom Courses

Custom courses are run on request at the Tharwa Valley Forge. They usually require minimum numbers and need to be arranged in advance.

Private one-on-one tuition is also available.  If you like to learn something that is not listed here please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll see how we can help.


This is a special weekend course designed as a comprehensive introduction to Blacksmithing. It has a maximum of four students only. At the end of the weekend you will have a set of tools to use in future blacksmithing projects. It can be also run as two separate days with a break in between to allow your arms to recover.

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Cable Damascus

This one day course introduces the concept of forge welding cable to create patterns in the steel.  This not only makes attractive blades, but also a very tough, flexible blade that keeps a great edge. The finished blade is then etched in acid to bring out the patterns of the different parts of the cable - often with dramatic results. This process is called called cable damascus.

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Forging Blades

This one day workshop further develops skills in forging blades. The emphasis is on improving skills through practice. Each participant will have an opportunity to forge a number of blades of differing sizes and shapes. Typically each participant will make 6 - 10 blades during the course, depending on individual skill and speed. We will look at forging full and partial tangs, distal tapers, clip and dop points and recurved blades. We will also learn how to make forged handles.

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Blade Grinding

This one day intensive course is for people wanting to further develop their grinding skills. The course will be using the Radius Master 48" grinders and 48" Noob grinder. It will cover shaping and profiling, edge geometry, blade grinds - hollow, convex, flat, chisel and scandi, as well as heat treatment of carbon steels. We'll also look at finishing with belts.

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Leather Sheathmaking

This course focus on making a wet- moulded leather sheath for your knife. The sheath is moulded to the exact shape of the knife and as it dries shrinks, providing a tight fit. Please bring the knives you want to make the sheaths for so they can made to fit. Two sheaths will be made in the evening.

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