A sharp knife is much safer than a blunt one. It cuts cleanly and does not slip, causing fewer accidents. Yet most people don't know how to sharpen a knife and keep it sharp. This evening course  shows you the secrets of getting and maintaining a fine edge. Knife care and storage will also be covered to ensure your knife stays sharp.

The evening will begin with a discussion on determining sharpness and knife care, followed by a short theory session on sharpening. Five different methods will be demonstrated in setting an edge as well as burr removal, honing and touching up. This will be followed with a practical session where you get to sharpen the knives that you have brought with you. We will also cover sharpening other edges like garden tools and scissors. 

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Cost is $100 for the evening.
7:00pm until 10:00pm.
Please bring plenty of knives, scissors, or garden cutters to practice on (at least 6 items)
There is a maximum of six participants per class.