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Bladesmithing and Knifemaking

Bladesmithing and Knifemaking

Always wanted to make a knife but didn't know where to begin? This extensive weekend workshop will give you the Read More
Japanese Knifemaking

Japanese Knifemaking

Japanese kitchen knives have distinct elegance in both form and function. In this intensive weekend course you will build two Read More
Tactical Knives

Tactical Knives

The tactical knife is the ultimate survival tool in extreme conditions. This extensive weekend workshop will give you the opportunity Read More
Folding Knives

Folding Knives

The black art of folding knives. Creating a folding knife adds a level of complexity and precision to knife making. Read More
Damascus Steel

Damascus Steel

Damascus - the ancient art of folding iron to make steel, with delicate watermarks like woodgrain. This is a one day Read More
Kamisori - Japanese razors

Kamisori - Japanese razors

Traditional Japanese straight razors, Kamisori, have been used for centuries to provide an outstanding shave. Their off-set hollow ground blade Read More
Longbow Making

Longbow Making

In this comprehensive weekend long workshop you will fashion a longbow of sustainable Australian hardwood and beautiful bamboo, custom crafted Read More
Knife Sharpening

Knife Sharpening

A sharp knife is much safer than a blunt one. It cuts cleanly and does not slip, causing fewer accidents. Read More
One day one knife

One day one knife

Introduction to making knives by stock removal. This one day workshop will help you get started into knifemaking. Knife design, Read More
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Welcome to the Tharwa Valley Forge

We aim to be the best knifemaking school in Australia, offering a wide range of courses and opportunities to learn and share skills. Regular classes are scheduled in a variety of topics. Since we started running classes, hundreds of people have been introduced to the art of custom knife making and successfully made their first knives.

The Tharwa Valley Forge was established in 2003 by bladesmith Karim Haddad to create high quality knives and tools, and to teach the skills necessary to do this. Karim was trained by Australia's first Master Bladesmith, Thomas Gerner, in the early 1990's in Western Australia. The Forge is located in village of Tharwa,  just south of Canberra, Australia.

Our website encourages this continual learning through sharing resources, tutorials and articles. We are always interested in feedback on how to make this site better. We hope you learn something from your visit, and come back soon and see us again.


Here's a tutorial on how to make a propane gas forge out of bits and pieces. It's not too hard, it just takes some time and some scrap steel. There are lots of ways to make a forge, this one suits my needs. It can be made with a single opening or a double opening for long pieces. The parts can be improvised, but note the bigger the forge cavity - the harder it will be to heat.

Feel free to use and develop the ideas. We accept no responsibility on the use of forges you make with this information. Please be careful as working with gas can be dangerous and possibly fatal. I accept no liability for any injury which may occur by you following these pictures. They are intended for your information.

  • forgemaking100
  • forgemaking101
  • forgemaking102
  • forgemaking103
  • forgemaking104
  • forgemaking105
  • forgemaking106
  • forgemaking107
  • forgemaking108
  • forgemaking109
  • forgemaking110
  • forgemaking111
  • forgemaking112
  • forgemaking113
  • forgemaking114
  • forgemaking115
  • forgemaking116
  • forgemaking117
  • forgemaking118
  • forgemaking119
  • forgemaking120
  • forgemaking121
  • forgemaking122
  • forgemaking123
  • forgemaking124
  • forgemaking125
  • forgemaking126
  • forgemaking127
  • forges1
  • forges2


For some information about using the forge and other notes - click here


Knifemaking Steel

We stock a small range of 1075 high carbon steel for bladesmithing or stock removal. The steel works well under Read More

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available for all our courses. The price is the same as the cost of the course and are Read More

Custom Knife Orders

We make knives to order. Blades are either high carbon or damascus steel, we don't work with stainless steel. There Read More
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