Leila has been making knives since she was 6 years old. Having first crawled into her father's workshop as a toddler, she developed a keen interest in hammers and fire. At five, she operated the 30 ton hydraulic power press by standing on a bucket to reach the controls. Now much taller, she uses the press to create her own Damascus steel (she doesnt need to stand on the bucket!).

Leila specialised in cooking knives which are high sought after by professional chefs and collectors. 

Leila gave a forging demonstration at the International Cutlers Exhibition in Sydney 2014.

In October 2014 Leila was one of the guest presenters at Ben Shewry's WAW Gathering in Melbourne. Speaking on the importance of making things, she impressed the 300 delegates from the catering industry with her no nonsense advice and confident delivery.

In Novemebr 2016, Leila spoke at the YMCA National  Convention in Adelaide.  Again she stressed the importance to the gathering of young people learning to make something and to do soemthing for themsleves, rather than relying on modern society to supply them with the latest and greatest.

She is a regular at the knife shows around the country.

In 2016, Leila donated a knife to the charity auction for the ACT's palliative care facility, Clare Holland House.  The knife sold on the evening for $4 000.

Follow Leila's creations on Instagram at https://instagram.com/leilasknives/