• Damascus - the ancient art of folding iron to make steel, with delicate watermarks like woodgrain. This is a one day introductory course, suitable to beginners, where you will make your own 100 layered billet that you keep for use in future projects.

    This course goes great with our other knifemaking courses. Make a billet of Damascus steel and bring it along to one of our Japanese Knifemaking, Kamisori - Japanese razors, or Knifemaking courses.

  • Always wanted to make a knife but didn't know where to begin? This extensive weekend workshop will give you the opportunity not only to learn these skills, but to put them into practice making two hand forged knives of your own. We will show you techniques, tools and hints on how to get started making your own knives.

  • This course focus on making a wet- moulded leather sheath for your knife. The sheath is moulded to the exact shape of the knife and as it dries shrinks, providing a tight fit. Please bring the knives you want to make the sheaths for so they can made to fit. Two sheaths will be made in the evening.


  • Never pay for knife sharpening again. This evening course teaches you the secrets of getting and maintaining a fine edge. Protect your investment in quality knives - proper care and maintenance ensures a lifetime of use. Using the correct equipment and techniques, you'll save time and money by keeping your edges sharp using minimal effort.

  • Creating a folding knife adds a level of complexity and precision to knife making, and our course makes this achievable by anyone. Learn about some of the common mechanisms used in locking and non-locking folding knives before beginning the process of making your own single blade slip joint folder.

    This course is taught by Alistair Phillips, the first Australian to ever design a production folding knife for Spyderco.

  • Japanese kitchen knives have distinct elegance in both form and function. In this intensive weekend course you will build two traditional style Japanese kitchen knives. Options include hammer finished or polished blades, chisel grind or V grind and a variety of handles choices. These blades will provide you with years of excellent service in your kitchen.

  • In this comprehensive weekend long workshop you will fashion a longbow of sustainable Australian hardwood and beautiful bamboo, custom crafted to your own specifications. You will learn the theory, science and art of turning dead timber into dynamic and fearsome longbows. You will also learn how to craft bowstrings, and if you don't already know - be introduced to the rewarding pursuit of shooting a longbow.

  • Traditional Japanese straight razors, Kamisori, have been used for centuries to provide an outstanding shave. Their off-set hollow ground blade make a very keen edge. This one day course takes you through the process of making two Kamisori, as well as cases and a strop.

  • We run quite a lot of knifemaking courses at Tharwa Valley Forge, so it’s no surprise that we field a lot of questions from students about how to get into knifemaking at home.

    As with any creative pursuit, we meet a lot of people who delay getting into knifemaking because they are overwhelmed by options; at the other extreme we see quite a few people who rush out and buy a huge amount of expensive equipment but don’t have any idea how to use it.

  • Introduction to making knives by stock removal. This one day workshop will help you get started into knifemaking. Knife design, grinding, heat treating, blade finishes, scale making and sharpening are all covered.

    We will show you techniques, tools and hints on how to get started making your own knives with minimal equipment, as you make your own knife today.

  • Want to get started in blacksmithing but not sure where to begin?

    Learn everything you need to know and make all the equipment you need to start blacksmithing at home. This week long intensive helps you build your skills as you build your own tools. Learn to make your own hammers and tongs as well as other useful tools. Go home with a gas forge and all the hammers, tongs, and other tools you need to start blacksmithing at home.

  • This is a one day holiday class for younger people (12 - 16 years old) interested in reconnecting with their hands and learning some creative skills. This is an especially good course for younger people interested in blacksmithing or metalwork.

    It is hard work and you need to be able to follow instructions and concentrate for the day. But it is very rewarding to learn new and exciting skills to make things and bring your creations home.

  • This course will show you how to use Kydex to make two basic styles of sheath and makes an excellent add-on for our one or two day knife courses. Kydex is an easy-to-form thermoplastic that molds tightly using minimal equipment and provides excellent protection and retention. Bring two of your favorite knives and walk away with two sheaths and the knowledge of how to make more at home.

  • This course is ideal for anyone who wants to make Kydex sheaths and holsters at home, wether for their own equipment or to sell to others. Bring two of your favorite knives and walk away with two sheaths, another small project of your own choosing, and the knowledge of how make a wide variety of other Kydex projects as well as how to make your own Kydex manufacturing equipment.

  • There's a reason people still go to the barber for a Straight Razor shave. Disposable razors are convenient, but the results can't compare to a Straight Razor.

    A Straight Razor will virtually melt the hair off your face, yet despite its keen edge is just as safe as a disposable razor when used with correct technique. Make the last razor you will ever use - a razor that if properly cared for will be handed down across generations.

    This course is conducted by Dean Jard, Australia's largest custom razor maker and an expert at restoring heirloom razors. Dean has been teaching razor making and sharpening courses since 2012, and makes his own range of razors and strops that are sold to customers around the world.

  • This course will teach you the essential blacksmithing skills you need to successfully learn by yourself at home.

    Access to information about blacksmithing is easy thanks to forums, social media, and video tutorials. Getting hands-on experience under the guidance of an expert is harder to come by.

    A lot of people want to get into blacksmithing - only a very small percentage are successful learning on their own.

  • This intensive three day weekend course immerses you in the world of Pattern Welded or Damascus steel and kitchen knives. You will learn techniques in welding, folding and patterning beautiful and unique steel. We'll be using a hydraulic power press, power hammer and rolling mill to make the welds and draw down the billets. You will then make two kitchen knives with the steel.

    The course goes for a very full three days 8am until 5pm. It is a combination of the Introduction to Damascus and the Japanese Kitchen Knifemaking courses into one packed long weekend.

  • Sculpting with metal is easy to learn and rewarding to master. One you've got the basics down you're on your way - all you need is some inexpensive equipment and an artistic imagination. Suitable for people who have never-ever used tools in their life through to people who are comfortable working with metal.

  • Make two custom stainless steel full-tang outdoor knives together with two custom fitted Kydex sheaths. Whether you are hunting, camping, fishing or out field in the military, these knives won’t let you down.

    The course goes for two and a half days and is over 20 hours long.

  • Learn how to make an axe that excels at bushcraft and woodcraft tasks. On this one-day course you’ll forge a high-quality Canadian Camp Axe while learning the theory and practice of designing and making bush axes.

    You’ll go home with a superb axe that can be used for cutting, chopping, splitting, felling, hewing, or hammering. Best of all, you’ll leave with the knowledge and skills to go on and make your own general purpose bush axes.

  • Make two custom stainless steel full-tang kitchen knives and learn the basics of knife maintenance.

    This is a course for anyone who wants to make their own stainless steel knives, regardless of whether they've never touched a tool in their life or they're a seasoned maker looking to learn more about working with stainless steel.

    We will explain the techniques, equipment and little tricks (especially for heat treating stainless steel) that will get you started making your own knives from stainless steel. In addition, you'll receive a free professional-grade ceramic honing rod along with the knowledge and skills required to keep your kitchen knives in top condition.

  • On this two-and-a-half day course you’ll make a large brisket carving knife, cooking fire pit, and an asado BBQ. Best of all you’ll learn how to use them.

    No BBQ or metalwork experience necessary; this course is suitable for anyone age 16 and up.

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