• Creating a folding knife adds a level of complexity and precision to knife making, and our course makes this achievable by anyone. Learn about some of the common mechanisms used in locking and non-locking folding knives before beginning the process of making your own single blade slip joint folder.

    This course is taught by Alistair Phillips, the first Australian to ever design a production folding knife for Spyderco.

  • We run quite a lot of knifemaking courses at Tharwa Valley Forge, so it’s no surprise that we field a lot of questions from students about how to get into knifemaking at home.

    As with any creative pursuit, we meet a lot of people who delay getting into knifemaking because they are overwhelmed by options; at the other extreme we see quite a few people who rush out and buy a huge amount of expensive equipment but don’t have any idea how to use it.

  • Introduction to making knives by stock removal. This one day workshop will help you get started into knifemaking. Knife design, grinding, heat treating, blade finishes, scale making and sharpening are all covered.

    We will show you techniques, tools and hints on how to get started making your own knives with minimal equipment, as you make your own knife today.

  • There's a reason people still go to the barber for a Straight Razor shave. Disposable razors are convenient, but the results can't compare to a Straight Razor.

    A Straight Razor will virtually melt the hair off your face, yet despite its keen edge is just as safe as a disposable razor when used with correct technique. Make the last razor you will ever use - a razor that if properly cared for will be handed down across generations.

    This course is conducted by Dean Jard, Australia's largest custom razor maker and an expert at restoring heirloom razors. Dean has been teaching razor making and sharpening courses since 2012, and makes his own range of razors and strops that are sold to customers around the world.

  • Make two custom stainless steel full-tang outdoor knives together with two custom fitted Kydex sheaths. Whether you are hunting, camping, fishing or out field in the military, these knives won’t let you down.

    The course goes for two and a half days and is over 20 hours long.

  • Make two custom stainless steel full-tang kitchen knives and learn the basics of knife maintenance.

    This is a course for anyone who wants to make their own stainless steel knives, regardless of whether they've never touched a tool in their life or they're a seasoned maker looking to learn more about working with stainless steel.

    We will explain the techniques, equipment and little tricks (especially for heat treating stainless steel) that will get you started making your own knives from stainless steel. In addition, you'll receive a free professional-grade ceramic honing rod along with the knowledge and skills required to keep your kitchen knives in top condition.

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