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Tharwa Valley Forge Courses

Tharwa Valley Forge runs courses every weekend and most days of the week. We provide everyone from novices to experts with the opportunity to experience traditional crafts and to learn new skills. No need to have ever swung a hammer or have used machines before - our introductory courses are for everyone!


Teaching people how to make knives is why Tharwa Valley Forge was started. Our knifemaking and bladesmithing courses range from one-day to one-week and are suitable for ages 16 and up.


Handmade leather tote bagWe operate a large, modern, and fully-equipped leatherwork studio at Cuppacumbalong Homestead. Intimate class sizes and expert instruction ensure the highest quality experience for our students.


Make your own BBQ, learn to cook from professionals chefs, and make your own BBQ cutlery including carving knives, forks, tongs, and more.

Steel roseLearn to create sculpture using metal, wood, and found objects.

Sculpting with metal is easy to learn and rewarding to master. One you've got the basics down you're on your way - all you need is some inexpensive equipment and an artistic imagination. Our courses are suitable for people who have never-ever used tools in their life through to people who are comfortable working with metal.


A sharp knife is much safer than a blunt one. It cuts cleanly and does not slip, causing fewer accidents. Yet most people don't know how to sharpen a knife and keep it sharp. This evening course shows you the secrets of getting and maintaining a fine edge. Knife care and storage will also be covered to ensure your knife stays sharp.

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Using a flypress to create fullers in a hammerBlacksmithing is an essential part of the Tharwa Valley Forge. We have a well equipped smithy with anvils, forges, hammers, tongs, power hammers, presses and piles of rusty metal. We have a range of courses available to help people hammer hot metal. If you have no experience the Introduction to Blacksmithing or the Blacksmithing Foundations will help you get some.


Micropatterned Damascus kitchen knifeDamascus Steel is surrounded by a significant amount of history and mythology. The original Damascus Steel dates from the 3rd Century CE and was made from Wootz Steel, and Modern Damascus Steel is more accurately called pattern welded steel. Although contemporary metallurgy produces alloys that exceed the strength of historical Damascus Steel, nothing matches it in terms of beauty.

Tharwa Valley Forge offers you the opportunity to learn how to create your own pattern welded Damascus Steel in our fully equipped workshop with the assistance of our expert instructors.


Man drawing and aiming an English LongbowMake English Longbows and more under the guidance of visiting experts.

Courses vary depending on the availability of experts, and have included Viking knives, hand axes, and shields. These courses have ranged from one day through to a week long residential course in a mock Viking Camp.


Kamisori razor by Dean JardTaught by Dean Jard, one of Australia's premier razor makers, our Razor Making classes are ideal for anyone who never wants to pay for razor blades again. Many people find traditional razors intimidating to use because of the sharpness of the blade. In addition to helping you make the razors, we demystify the use of razors and teach you how to care and maintain them - ensuring that the razors you make will be the last razors you ever need.


Japanese Saya Wooden SheathLearn to make knife and tool sheathes in a variety of traditional and contemporary materials and styles. Everything from introductory level courses through to enough instruction to start your own business.


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