We offer a range of sharpening and repair services for various edges for people in the Canberra Area. Being knifemakers we understand how to look after knives. We aim to take the smallest amount possibe off the edge to get it sharp, and to make your knife last longer. We repair many knives that have been badly sharpened by people who don't understand what they are doing.

From kitchen knives to specialist cutting tools, contact us and see how we can help. 

We can

  • Repair chips
  • Change tool lengths
  • Fix broken points
  • Resetting bevels
  • Restore edges

Pick up and delivery can be arranged in the Canberra area (charges may apply). Or you can bring them to our workshop. Ring first to make sure we are there. We may even be able to do them while you wait.

We also run sharpening classes and stock a range of sharpening stones and accessories if you want to do it yourself. See our online shop for more details.